987 991 Turbo Halo Style Headlight Install

Unique Style Racing has recently brought a new Halo 991 Turbo style headlight from REVi Motorworks  to market for our Cayman and Boxsters. These are the same company responsible for delivering the new Cayman LED taillights. Below is how to install the new headlights.


Parts Needed:
T-Taps and Female disconnects
Philips Screwdriver.
Electrical Tape

    1. Remove the stock lights from the car
    2. Open the back panel of the light housing. There are several screws on the back. Don’t pull it off too hard as the back of the housing is attached via wires to the front.
    3. Remove Light bulb and silver mesh harness (yellow Circle)
    4. Unscrew the 2 screws and the wires from the motor and pull it out. It takes a little finagling, but pushing down on the back of the motor so that the front lifts up and out should do it.
    5. Remove 4 screws on the back panel – 2 from the ballast, two holding down the green conductor (See red circles)
    6. Pull the ballast out and disconnect the green conductor from the ballast. Only need the ballast, cord/bulb, and motor. You do not need the yellow wire/green circle thing as the new light ahs that.

      Installing On The Car:

  1. There are two wires (green and black) under the new lights that power the LED Halo. These need to be connected to the car. You can choose when the Halo powers up based on the wire you tap in to. I chose to tap into my fog lights so that I turn the Halo on when I turn my fog lights on.
  2. You can tap into the wires via different methods, but I chose to use T-Taps. I spliced the T-Tap on the fog light wires, one tap on red and one tap on black. I then connected a female connector to the green and black wires. The female end connects to the T-Taps (black to black wire and green to red wire).
  3. Place electrical tape around the taps and hide the wires in the bumper. The headlights can be pushed into place just like the stock lights.
  4. Test the lights to ensure your taps worked correctly. The halo will not illuminate if you don’t have a proper connection. Button everything up and the lights should work perfectly.
  5. Below is the stock light (Left) versus the new Halo light (right)
    Originally authored by Green Bean

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