LED Lighting For Clear Engine Cover LED Lights

I have been looking around and could never find a “Install thread” on LED illumination for the HIP design cover for my Cayman. I have seen after pictures several times. Here is my go at it. First off I hate drilling and cutting into my Cayman. This install was all done with only one tiny self sealing hole poked in a rubber grommet. This also was a cheap mod. The whole project cost me about $35.00. Most items were bought from Amazon with the exception of the wire, insulating shield, heat shrink and connector. All this can be removed in about five minutes if you want to get rid of it.

18g wire was used to extend the LED lighting. I used a SAE connector at each end of the wires. $2.99 http://www.amazon.com/Hopkins-47965-…=sae+connector

I did not want to drill a hole for a switch so I decided to use the 12V power adapter in the center armrest. A spare battery charger plug was $1.00
I do not have a switch so I bought a remote on/off/dimmer mode switch. $10.68
The white LED lights used was a roll with adhesive tape on the back for $9.29

First off I pulled the front accessory cover to access the shift cable grommet.

(This link will need updated to the Article hosted on CaymanClub.Net)

This is where I used a awl and poked a small hole in the rubber. The extension wire was fed through. This is the only hole I cut. The hole closes up tight around the wire.

I pulled enough wire through to solder and heat shrink the SAE connector to the engine side wire.

If you remove the little plate (under the rubber mat) in the box with a torx driver, it will already have a hole in the corner to feed your wire through. Now this side of the wire was soldered to the other SAE connector. This could easily been hard wired to the 12v powerport wiring underneath the box if so desired.

Here it shows 3/8 wire insulation over my extension wires. You can find this stuff at any auto or hardware store.

Tested the connections and hardware.

The extension wire was run under the plastic surround until I reached the aft passenger side where the luggage net ring is. This is where the start of the LED strip began. I ended on the aft driver side cargo ring also. I placed the LED strip just below the clear cover sealing area. The strip rides just above the carpet notch hole are located.

My hope is that the adhesive sticks for a good amount of time. I used some acetone to first clean the surface. Only time will tell. My stock carpet can be reinstalled if you are careful also. If it were to come dislodged the HIP risers will catch it from falling into the engine. The LED lights are so cheap It wouldn’t be a big deal to change them out. It does light it up very well. The remote is nice because it can be dimmed with a touch of a button.

Thanks for looking. Feel free to criticize or comment. I am always up for helpful suggestions.

Please note that the original photos were not saved in the body of the original article so the Wayback machine could not provide them. This article was originally written by Dirte’   If you are able to reach this individual please point them here and we can update this article to include any missing photos or information if they will provide them.

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