Porsche 981 engine air filter replacement



What you’ll need:

Air filters set. 2 filters, left and right. I did buy it from Suncoast.
Synthetic grease
Electric screw driver. T? torx tip. 10mm wrench.

1. Open the trunk. Pop up the plastic pieces on the left and right. No tool necessary. Undo the trunk lining. Remove the lining or just fold back the front part.

2. Left filter removal. You’ll need to undo one of the plastic tubes connecting to the blue plastic piece. Press around the collar where it’s connected and it’ll easily disconnect

3. Unscrew one torx bolt holding the filter. Put the bolt in a safe place where you’ll not loose it.

Bolt is on the right of the filter, just below the hoses.

4. Remove the filter. There are two ears to grip with your fingers. You’ll need to wiggle it left and right until it frees. Sometimes the synthetic grease can freeze a bit, then you’ll need to work it to remove the filter.

And the filter is out

5. For the right filter you’ll need to remove a plastic piece in the top middle. Not sure of it’s function. Hold by two *plastic* 10mm nuts. Be careful.

6. Then you’ll need to remove electronics box to gain access to the filter.

It’s held by two bolts on the top and two nuts on the bottom. Unscrew them, put in a safe place.

7. Then you’ll need to undo the oil refill hose. Push around the collar and it’ll easily come off.

8. Unscrew the torx bolt holding the filter. Remove the filter. Do not mix left and right filters.

9. Vacuum the opening. There will be some debris in there.

10. Replace the filters with new ones. Every filter is held by two torx bolts.

Unscrew them, remove the filter, screw in the fresh filters

11. Clean the green rubber seals with some cloth or paper towel.

12. Apply a layer of fresh synthetic grease

13. Carefully insert both filters back into openings

14. Screw in torx bolt for right filter.

15. Snap in the oil refill hose back in place

16. Screw in the electronics box back. Two bolts on top, two nuts on the bottom

17. Screw in the middle plastic piece. Two plastic bolts.

18. Screw in torx bolt holding the left filter

19. Snap in the water hose back in place.

20. Put the trunk lining back and under rubber seal.

21. Snap in back in place left and right plastic trim pieces.

Done! Should take about half an hour for the first time.

This article was originally published by T-Design on February 28, 2014 in the Planet-9 Forum.

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