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For this article when I say the “left” air intake I am referring to what would be the driver’s side in the U.S. This is the side of the car where the air that goes into the engine is taken in from the outside. In prior Boxster models there was an incident where a cigarette butt was sucked into the intake and caught the air filter on fire and subsequently the engine. Porsche released a warning and made a slight redesign in later 986 models. For the 987 series Porsche went a step further and installed a restrictor plate that basically blocks the air from flowing directly into the intake snorkel and air box. While this prevents the “butt” problem, it also reduces the air intake and performance as well as the sound coming from your engine.
On my 2005 Boxster S I removed this item and replaced it with a protective screen so that I wouldn’t have the “butt” problem but would get better airflow and better sound. This procedure applies to the Cayman as well. The first step is to remove the outer trim piece. This piece clips to an inner retaining plastic ring via a series of clips at the top and bottom. Unfortunately the picture I took of their location didn’t turn out, but you can get a diagram from the Porsche P.E.T. system and you can feel these clips if you run your hand around in there. If you scroll down and find the picture where I put the black plastic retaining ring back in you can see where the outer trim piece clips to it. The first picture I have shows the black trim piece removed and in my hand and the clips that hold it in place. It was pretty easy to use a thin flat blade screwdriver to snap this retaining ring off.

After removing this black retainer ring the next step is to pull out the restrictor plate and the trapezoidal plastic piece it is attached to, the following picture shows both removed from the car, these two pieces simply clip together. Notice how little space there is for air to pass around the restrictor plate.

After removing the trapezoidal piece from the plate I used that piece as the mounting point for some wire mesh. The mesh I chose was a gutter mesh available at Home Depot for less than $2. I fit the mesh over the pins and used some tin snips to cut the mesh to fit. I did not have to alter the plastic piece at all. I have seen another install on another site where the individual cut their plastic piece, used some glue and removed other parts such as the actual snorkel. I think that person had some problems and added parts back in and of course would have to order a new part from Porsche to replace the one he chopped up. I didn’t want to prevent myself from going back to stock so I preserved everything, simply leaving the restrictor plate out of the equation. Here is the finished product ready to go back in:

Next I installed it back into the car, it press fits into the snorkel area very tightly and the screen ends up nice and flush with the inner fender wall. You can also see I’ve reinstalled the black retaining trim piece in this next picture:

The last step is to press the outer plastic trim piece onto the black inner piece making sure the clip points line up. The photo shows the Boxster but the only different for the Cayman is the shape of the piece, the clip points are very close to the same, if I can update this picture at some point in the future I will do so with an actual Cayman photo. At this point you are done, go drive around and enjoy the sound but be relieved that you won’t have a “butt” problem. My Boxster S had no problems with this Mod after 6 months. Performance gains? Probably minimal at best, I never dyno’d it to see, but it sounded better and if I got any extra HP that was simply a bonus. Enjoy!

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May you point to a link or some info about the Porsche P.E.T system? Perhaps a diagram of the clips in question? Thanks

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