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    1. Due to continuous extrusion technique, the copper busbar continuous rotary extrusion line can complete make copper busbar extrusion at one time, without the need for edge trimming, acid pickling, etc.
    2. The continuous extrusion equipment won’t cause production wastes such as the scrap edge of copper busbar, or the residuals in the extrusion barrel. This ensures high raw material utilization rate, and our first pass yield exceeds 95%.
    3. Adopting friction force for feedstock heating, our machine eliminates heating and annealing steps. This makes sure the production process is simplified and environmental friendly as well due to lower energy consumption and lower carbon emission.
    4. Continuous rotary extrusion machines support producing products with unlimited length. Coupled with the automatic take-up unit, makes our machine highly efficient.
    range of continuous rotary extrusion equipment offers an ideal solution to make copper busbars, and other types of copper products by changing the extrusion die. The extruded copper products are widely used in electric motors, power distribution cabinets, transformers, etc.
    1. High precision and reliable
    2. Customized design
    3. High automation and PLC control
    4. Good service
    5. Easy maintenance
    Aluminum Extrusion Press Machine
    The machine is used to produce aluminum profiles and widely used in variety industries especially in construction industry.
    The machine produce high precision aluminum products with high efficiency, it is also can be customized design.
    The machine has exported to many contries and reached to world-class level.
    Our Service Scope:
    1. Design of installations
    2. Manufacturing of equipment.
    3. Installations, commissioning and training.
    4. Perfect after-sale serviceDirect Extruder suppliers